Changes in Minnesota Marijuana Law: Do I need a lawyer?

Minnesota has joined a number of states by legalizing the use or possession of recreational marijuana.  As with all laws, there are limits.  The weight of the cannabis product, the amount, where you possess the cannabis product, the THC content or the age of the possessor can make conduct that might otherwise be legal, illegal.  The severity level of drug related offenses can have a severe, immediate and long-term impact on an individual’s ability to apply for a job, get a loan, housing, exposure to mandatory drug-testing, admission into certain careers and eligibility for other opportunities.

All state laws, including Minnesota, are complicated by the fact that what is “legal” in Minnesota may be illegal on Federal property.  Marijuana is a Schedule I drug under Federal law.  Under Federal law, marijuana is comparable to heroin, LSD or peyote.  Therefore, something as simple as possessing marijuana in a U.S. Post Office (Federal property) could lead to criminal charges on the Federal level even if that property is located within the state of Minnesota.  Things can be more complicated by local ordinances that regulate marijuana.

Minnesota’s allowance of “adult-use of cannabis” is going to continue to evolve.  Sometime in 2025, the retail sale of recreational marijuana will be legal.  It is expected that dispensaries will be able to sell marijuana directly to the general public.  Up to this point, if a person has legally purchased a marijuana product in Minnesota, the product is derived from Delta 8 THC or CBD.

As part of the new marijuana law, individuals ages 21 and older can possess specific amounts of marijuana.  Further, a person 21 and older can grow a limited amount of cannabis at home.  What, where, by whom and how much can determine whether or not a person is subject to criminal charges.

What does this all mean?  The law is changing and will continue to change more significantly in the next few years than it has in the last 50.  With the passage of local ordinances, state laws and federal statutes, it’s easy to violate the law unknowingly.  The results can have severe and long-term consequences for the unknowing violator.

The question is:  Do I need a lawyer if I’m facing marijuana charges?  If you value your freedom, your property, your rights and your liberty, the answer is obvious.  We here at Kohlmeyer Hagen protect the things that you value.

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