Field Sobriety Tests in Mankato DUI Cases

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We have all seen it on TV: police officers pulling people over for driving while intoxicated and making them walk a straight line or stand on one leg. These tests, called “Field Sobriety Tests” are intended to determine whether a driver is intoxicated.

The problem is that these tests are highly inaccurate and subjective. Conducting field sobriety tests on a hill, in bad weather or in a busy, distracting part of town will negatively alter the results. Our Southern Minnesota sobriety test attorneys have a wealth of experience handling DUI/DWI cases. As former prosecutors, our partner lawyers have extensive knowledge of how the state will attempt to use this evidence, and what can be done to minimize the damage of DWI / DUI charges for our clients.

Many people don’t realize that these field sobriety tests are often skewed by the situation and environment in which the tests are conducted. Further, police often make errors while conducting these tests that make the evidence inadmissible against you. There is almost always something we can use from these tests to help your case. Contact us immediately so we can begin your defense.

Field Sobriety Tests | Most Commonly Used In Minnesota:

  • Horizontal Gaze Nystagmus: In the HGN test, police officer will hold up a finger or other small object, ask you to watch it closely, and observe your eye-movement while bringing the object slowly across your field of vision. Inconsistent tracking and jerky eye movements supposedly represent impairment, but this test is almost always conducted on the side of a busy street, with many eye-catching distractions skewing the results.
  • The Nine-Step Walk and Turn: This test involves walking heel-to-toe for nine steps in a straight line and turning. Similar to the HGN test, there are many conditions in the field that could hinder the test’s accuracy.
  • One-Legged Stand: This is just what it sounds like: standing on one foot for a length of time, and it is difficult for most people to perform sober, much less while impaired.

At the Kohlmeyer Hagen, Law Office Chtd., we have the experience to find errors in the police procedures regarding these tests. We can help punch holes in the prosecutor’s case and negotiate a more lenient sentence or a complete dismissal in your case.

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