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Grandparents are often the silent victim in divorces. Many still want to maintain relationships with their grandchildren but can find it difficult to do so when spouses decide to end their marriage and establish agreements on how they will parent their children once everything is finalized. Kohlmeyer Hagen, Law Office Chtd., can help advocate for the needs and interests of grandparents like you and help you find ways to maintain an effective bond with your grandchildren, as well as seek custody of them depending on the circumstances.

Most grandparents feel helpless when their grandchildren are in the middle of custody battles. In many cases, grandparents are an important part of the grandchildren’s lives, and they deserve to have that relationship honored as part of the parenting plan created pursuant to a divorce.

If you are a grandparent who wants some custody or visitation rights, there is no need to feel helpless. The law is becoming increasingly aware and accommodating regarding grandparents’ rights. You have rights if you exercise them. We can help.

Mankato Grandparents’ Rights Attorneys

Our compassionate attorneys have experience with child custody and visitation issues as they relate to grandparents. We represent grandparents as well as parents in these issues, and we can help you make sure to get a fair custody and visitation arrangement while always keeping the best interests of the children in mind.

Reasons For Grandparent Custody And Visitation Disputes

Every case is different, of course, but there are a few reasons for grandparents to fight for custody or visitation that are the most common:

  • The parents are unfit: Oftentimes, grandparents will file for full physical and legal custody because their children are unfit parents of their grandchildren. Sometimes, criminal law issues like drug crimes or sex crimes are the cause of this petition, and other times it might involve matters of parental neglect.
  • The parenting plan limits parents’ visitation time: If a grandparent’s child does not receive much visitation time in the parenting plan, that grandparent is often left out in the cold as well, but he or she can fight to have separate visitation time.
  • The parents are deceased: When children’s’ parents die, grandparents are often the first party to step forward and, in such a case, would be the obvious choice for custody of the children.

Realistic Expectations

At the Kohlmeyer Hagen, Law Office Chtd., we pride ourselves on giving our clients realistic expectations right from the start. We don’t give our clients false hope or sugar-coated answers; we give them the truth, which is the best way to help our clients. Why do we do this? Because that’s what we would like if we were in our client’s position. Especially with grandparents who love their grandkids, emotions can run high. Our clients appreciate the honest, level-headed approach that we bring to these cases.

Minnesota Grandparents’ Visitation Attorneys | We Solve Problems

If you are involved in a custody or visitation dispute involving grandparent rights, a simple discussion with an attorney to learn about the law, your rights, and your obligations can be a great comfort. Knowing what to expect is very important in these cases. Either call our Mankato family law firm or e-mail us for your initial consultation with one of our experienced Minnesota grandparents’ rights lawyers.


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