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  • Minnesota Court Website : The Minnesota Court System website that provides a great deal of information, including forms, information about judges and how to file certain simple legal forms.
  • Family Law Blog: Great resource that covers Minnesota family law issues
  • Minnesota Case Information (MNCIS):  criminal, civil and family law public records
  • MN Child Support Calculator: This is the official state calculator for child support in Minnesota.
  • MN Drivers’ License Checker : Is your driver’s license suspended? Get a real time update (free) from the state of Minnesota at this site.
  • Parents Forever:  Ordered to take the Parenting class? This site tells you exactly what they are and how you  sign up for them.
  • Ignition Interlock: Some detailed information from the Minnesota rules regarding the Ignition Interlock Device which is “required” under many circumstances in Minnesota.
  • A resource for people involved in a DWI or DUI


Below are some of the most common courthouses we go to, if you are wondering if you have court today (or if anyone else does) click the ” Weekly Public Court Calendar” which is on the lower right on each county court page.