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Permanent Partial Disability

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If you have been injured at work and have become partially disabled as a result, you may be entitled to receive permanent partial disability (PPD) benefits. At Kohlmeyer Law Office, we represent clients throughout Southern Minnesota in workers’ compensation-related matters.

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What Is Permanent Partial Disability?

Injured workers in Minnesota may be entitled to receive PPD benefits if it is determined that they have been injured at work and have become permanently and partially disabled as a result. A doctor assigns a permanency rating, which states the number of weeks of compensation the injured worker will receive based on the body part that was injured. A permanency rating (which is stated as a percentage) is typically given once an individual reaches Maximum Medical Improvement (MMI).

PPD Benefits

The percentage of disability is multiplied by a dollar amount to determine how much the disabled individual will receive. A back injury, for example, may be assigned a 10 percent rating. That percent would then be multiplied by a dollar amount that is set by statute.

If you are permanently disabled because of a work injury and want to learn about your options for seeking permanent partial disability benefits, talk to a workers’ compensation lawyer from our firm. Insurance companies routinely deny and underpay PPD benefits. It is advisable to work with an attorney who understands the legal process and can help you seek the benefits you deserve.

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