Safe Spooking

October has arrived in Mankato, and along with it comes the most spooktastic time of the year: Halloween! The month of October brings kids the right to eat as much candy as they want, dress up as their favorite characters, and even ask strangers for candy. During any other time of the year parents warn their children against engaging in many of these activities.

The beauty of Halloween is that what typically seems scary and dangerous any other time of the year becomes cause for communities to come together in celebration and tradition. While the spirit of the season makes ghosts, goblins, and strangers much more approachable, it is unfortunately still unsafe for parents to completely let their guard down. Here are some tips for enjoying this season and staying safe:


While it is true that children can come up with the most ingenious ways of finding danger throughout all seasons, Halloween may be one where they don’t have to search very hard. Traditionally, Halloween is a season of pranks, disguises, and free-roaming kids. This season offers the perfect opportunity for those looking to harm children.


Taking candy from strangers is just about rule #1 on the list of acts children cannot do. On Halloween, however, it is the whole goal of the evening. Doing even a brief check of the candy your kids receive can help protect them from danger. Make sure the wrapper is not torn or tattered and that none of the candy appears to be tampered with. If you suspect that the candy has been tampered with, just throw it away. While younger kids might not appreciate this, they’ll be thankful when they are older.


This time of year daylight disappears much faster than we are used to. Halloween comes before Daylight Savings Time, which means that the majority of the evening will be dark. Kids running around in the dark weaving in and out of houses can be very difficult to keep safe. Light-up shoes, glow sticks, or reflective tape can help make sure everyone knows where their children are.


Remember that traffic does not stop just because people are out in the streets. Even on Halloween people are traveling to and from work, using their driveways, and even speeding to reach their destination. Minnesota law requires that drivers come to a complete stop before intersections and marked crosswalks. Still, it is best to remind kids that cars might not see them. The combination of sugar and excitement can lead kids to act in unpredictable ways; make sure each child is accounted for when crossing the streets.


Last but not least, keep an eye on the type of candy your children are collecting. Even the most sensible child can get caught up in the mayhem and ignore their peanut allergy. Allergy warnings on packaging are not always on each individual candy so it is best to keep track of those foods you know to be dangerous for your child.


From our family at Kohlmeyer Hagen Law Office to yours, we wish you a safe and happy Halloween! And remember, don’t hesitate to reach out if you need immediate legal assistance for you or your children. Call 507-200-8959.

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