Marijuana Wax in Minnesota; What You Should Know

Scientists or medical professionals have rarely cited marijuana as a truly dangerous drug. The drug certainly decreases brain function and over time can cause brain damage, however, it comparison with many other Schedule I Substances, marijuana appears almost harmless.

The most common risks associated with occasional marijuana use appear to be overdosing on Cheetos and falling asleep. That is not the case for the most recent marijuana product to hit the Minnesota market. Marijuana wax, which is a heavily concentrated form tetrahydrocannabinol, has found its way into the hands of Minnesotans and the result is not pretty.

While the numbers are not clear as of yet, there have been casualties as a result of the newfound method of getting high. Here is what you need to know about marijuana wax.

  • The wax is illegal.  In the state of Minnesota marijuana wax constitutes a “resinous form” of marijuana and is therefore a controlled substance. Marijuana wax is no less illegal than the drug itself and in larger amounts constitutes a felony and could lead the possessor of such wax straight to jail.
  • It can be dangerous. Thus far there have been two reported cases of overdose related to marijuana wax. The incidents happened in Duluth, Minnesota and involved two teenage boys. The boys had to be taken to the emergency room after they discovered they were unable to breathe. While a standard hit of marijuana will contain 14 percent THC, wax can contain over 90 percent when the THC is fully isolated. One of the boy’s mother pointed out that she thinks its dangerous how few people are aware of the drug or even its existence.
  • The process is dangerous too. The process by which marijuana wax is created involves butane gas in order to break down the plant itself to extract only the THC. Once the plant is broken down the THC is isolated and becomes a green waxy substance. During one such process two men aged 18 and 19 were charged with third degree murder for a fire created by the butane that resulted in the death of an 85-year-old woman.
  • The authorities are on the lookout. The Minnesota Department of Public Safety is not among the group of folks who are unaware of marijuana wax. In an attempt to educate others the Department has issued a Public Safety Announcement warning people about the dangers of the wax. The Department and other law enforcement officials are keeping their ears and eyes open in an attempt to crack down on those who possess marijuana wax.

Despite officers’ best efforts marijuana wax may prove quite difficult to catch unless a person has a negative reaction to it after use. Marijuana wax operations can be quite small and the wax itself does not produce any odor.

While officers and their canine companions are trained to use their noses when it comes to traditional marijuana, that sense may not serve them well with the drug’s newest form.

Despite this, the law does not lessen the standard of suspicion required for a search. If you have been found in possession of marijuana wax, contact the Kohlmeyer Hagen Law Offices for an initial consultation.

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