Selling Drugs vs. Using Drugs

The possession or sale of drugs in Minnesota is a serious offense. Such crimes are common, and vigorously prosecuted. However, the Minnesota legislature recently enacted laws that reflect a growing trend to recognize the difference between sales of drugs and possession of drugs by individuals that suffer from the disease of addiction. Below is a discussion of the differences between a charge of with possession of drugs with the intent to sell and a charge of possession of drugs.


In Minnesota, a possession charge with intent to sell is serious. In some circumstances, an individual can be convicted of selling drugs even if he didn’t monetarily profit. For example, “selling” drugs includes activities such as giving away, manufacturing, delivering, or distributing drugs. Even simply offering to do any of these activities can result in being charged with selling drugs.

In other words, an individual may be charged and convicted of selling drugs even if no “sales” transaction ever occurs. Further, an individual found in possession of large amounts of drugs or money may be charged with the intent to sell drugs. Harsh penalties are the result of recent drug reform laws passed by the Minnesota Legislature.

The laws are intended to increase penalties on dangerous or professional drug crime offenders within the state. For example, the penalties for individuals arrested who represent or deal with a known gang or group of drug dealers are much more severe under the new laws. It’s clear that the legislature intends to catch those criminals who are selling or manufacturing drugs.


On a positive note, the attorney immediately. If you, or someone you know, suffers from addiction, you should also consult with a criminal defense attorney to determine what steps can be taken to avoid lengthy jail time and instead explore treatment options to cope with addiction.

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