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Child Custody & Parenting Time In Southern Minnesota

At Kohlmeyer Hagen, Law Office, our legal team are experienced, effective advocates for clients. With an understanding of the importance of amicable solutions in custody cases, our family law team is always ready to protect your parental rights. If you have any questions or concerns about a child custody case, we can help. For a fully confidential initial consultation with a child support lawyer, please contact our Mankato law office or our Rochester law office.

A Unique Approach to Family Law

Our child custody attorneys focus on finding solutions. Sometimes this will involve mediation and other times we’ll have to go to court. There is no one perfect solution to handle sole physical custody cases, but we will help you with your personalized plan and strategy to get your case resolved.

An Overview of Child Custody and Visitation in Minnesota

Are you preparing for a child custody or child visitation case in Southern Minnesota? If so, you need to know how state law will affect your parental rights and parental responsibilities. Here are some of the key things that parents be aware of when navigating custody/visitation in Minnesota:

  1. Two Types of Custody in Minnesota: There are two types of child custody in Minnesota: Physical custody and legal custody. The concept of physical custody refers to the actual daily control of the child. The concept refers to the broader concept of parental decision-making authority.
  2. Minnesota Favors Shared Parenting: Either sole custody or joint custody could be awarded in Minnesota. That being said, the state strongly favors some form of shared custody on the grounds that it is inherently better for a child to have a positive relationship with both parents whenever possible.
  3. Custody and Visitation are Decided Based on the Child’s Best Interest: Minnesota has a best interests of the child legal standard that is used to adjudicate child custody and child visitation cases. A judge will make a decision based on the needs and interests of the kid.
  4. Custody and Visitation Can Be Modified: A child custody arrangement is subject to modification in Minnesota until a child becomes a legal adult. In order to obtain a custody modification, the party seeking one must prove that there has been a substantial change in circumstances and that their proposed modification satisfies the requirements of the state’s best interests of the child standard. If you have any questions or concerns about custody or visitation modification, contact our Southern Minnesota family lawyer for immediate help.

What are the Best Interests of the Child Support Factors?

Minnesota is a best interests of the child state. It is important to understand how this standard affects your rights in a custody or visitation case. Under MN Statutes Sec. 518.17, a judge must resolve any custody dispute and/or visitation dispute in a manner that is deemed to be the best for a child’s health, safety, and overall well-being. This means that the desires of the parents are actually a secondary factor. The best interests of the child come first. There are twelve different specific factors that the statute requires courts to consider when determining a child’s best interests:

  1. The physical and emotional needs of the child; 
  2. The medical and educational requirements of the child (especially if unusual); 
  3. The relationship (or lack thereof) between each parent and the child; 
  4. The health status of each parent; 
  5. The overall parental fitness of each parent; 
  6. Any history of parental misconduct, such as abuse or neglect; 
  7. The impact on the child family and non-family relationships; 
  8. The impact on a child’s social development; 
  9. How the arrangement impacts overall parenting time; 
  10. The willingness of the parents to facilitate visitation;
  11. The general willingness of the parents to cooperate;  and
  12. The child’s desired outcome (if old enough to give input).

Minnesota’s best interests of the child policy is designed to be a comprehensive legal standard. Family law judges are supposed to consider the true totality of the circumstances to come to an arrangement that puts the child in the best position to live a happy, healthy life that allows them to achieve their true potential. For parents, a key aspect of navigating a child custody or child visitation dispute is putting together a strong and compelling case that clearly shows that you can provide the best environment for your children.

How Our Child Custody Lawyers Can Help

A divorce or separation can be difficult for children and teenagers. Custody and visitation matters should always be handled with care and sensitivity. With deep family law experience, our Southern Minnesota child custody & visitation lawyers know that most parents want to find amicable solutions that limit conflict and do what is best for their children. We handle child custody mediation and child custody negotiations throughout the region.

At the same time, it is important to emphasize that your child’s health/safety/well-being and your parental rights always matter. An amicable resolution through collaborative problem-solving is always desirable in a custody case, but it is not always possible. As trial-tested Minnesota child custody and parenting lawyers, we are always ready to take whatever legal action is needed to protect your child and your best interests.

How a Minnesota Child Custody Attorney Can Help

As a custodial parent, nothing should come between you and your relationship with your kids. Child custody cases are complicated. There are many different issues that need to be considered. At Kohlmeyer Hagen, Law Office Chtd., we always provide personalized, solutions-oriented legal representation. Among other things, our Southern Minnesota child custody lawyers are ready to:

  1. Hear your story, answer questions, and explain your rights under Minnesota law;
  2. Investigate the matter—gathering any necessary evidence for your custody case;
  3. Represent you in child custody & visitation settlement negotiations; and
  4. Develop a comprehensive plan to protect your children and your parental rights.

Call Our Southern Minnesota Child Custody Attorney Today

At Kohlmeyer Hagen, Law Office Chtd., our child custody attorneys are compassionate, skilled advocates for parents and truly care for the child’s well being. If you are going through a child custody dispute, we can help. Give us a call now or contact us online to set up your confidential appointment. From our offices in Mankato and Rochester, we provide child custody legal services throughout Southern Minnesota, including in Blue Earth County, Nicollet County, Le Sueur County, and Olmstead County.

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