Bail and Bond in Mankato Minnesota

If you are charged with a crime in Minnesota, the Judge will examine the case and decide if bail is required and how much it should be.  The goal of bail is not to punish or to keep you in jail but is a fairly complex system to look your past criminal charges, how serious the current charges are if the current charges could result in a prison sentence, etc.

Every citizen is entitled to post bail or a bond in Mankato, Minnesota in order to be released from jail pending trial.  This means that no matter what the crime the Judge will set bail.

Where does a Bondsman come into play?

A defendant always has the option to post the full bail, that is the entire amount the Judge requires.  This is not always possible or even advisable.  For example, on serious drug charges, it is not uncommon to have $50,000 bail.  Many people do not have an extra $50,000 available to give the court.

This is where the Bails Bondsman comes into play.  A bonding company has been approved by the Minnesota Court System to post bonds by providing the court with collateral in case the bond is called in.  In the above example, normally you would pay 10% of the bail plus a small handling fee (usually a hundred dollars or so).  This is money you do not get back instead it goes to the bonding company as payment for the risk they must take if you don’t appear or violate terms of release.

How do I find a good Bail Bondsman?

This is a good question.  A few years ago in Blue Earth County a local Bail bondsman was convicted of federal gun charges and accused of trading bail services for sexual favors. This is, perhaps, not the person you would prefer to deal with.

Fortunately,  the attorneys at Kohlmeyer Hagen, Law Office have spent some time investigating bail bondsmen who we feel are honest, upright and if we needed to post bail ourselves we would call.

Rick Miller at Midwest Bonding has been treating our clients the way we would like to be treated for years now and we wholeheartedly recommend him.   He can be reached at 507-625-6922.

What does Conditional Release and Unconditional Release mean?

Most Criminal Court Judges in Minnesota will set two different amounts of money.  One is the amount for conditional release, this will often have requirements such as:

  • No alcohol use.
  • No Drug use & subject to random testing.
  • No contact with the alleged victim.
  • Remain law-abiding.

This amount will nearly always be lower than unconditional bail, which, like its name implies, has no conditions.  While there is no strict rule, often times the amounts are double.  For example, if the Judge orders $5,000 conditional bail on a felony drug case it often (but not always) will be $10,000 for unconditional bail.

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