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Southern Minnesota Restraining Orders

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Experienced Restraining Order Advocates

At Kohlmeyer Hagen, Law Office Chtd., our Southern Minnesota restraining order attorney is a skilled, compassionate, and experienced advocate for clients. Our firm goes above and beyond to help our clients protect and secure their future. If you have any questions or concerns about restraining orders, we can help. Call us now or connect with us directly online to set up your fully confidential consultation with a Southern Minnesota restraining order attorney. 

Southern Minnesota Restraining Order Attorney

Under Minnesota law (MN Statutes Sec. 518B.01), protective orders (restraining orders) provide legal protection to victims of domestic abuse. The state defines domestic abuse as physical harm, infliction of fear of imminent harm, or the making of terroristic threats. Here are some of the key things to know about protective orders in Minnesota:

  • Ex Parte Restraining Orders and Full Restraining Orders: In Southern Minnesota, domestic violence restraining orders can be split into two broad categories. The first is called an ex parte order of protection. It is effectively a temporary restraining order. A key advantage of ex parte restraining orders for victims is that they can often be put in place based on allegations alone. A full restraining order lasts much longer than an ex parte order. However, it will take effect after a full hearing. The accused will have an opportunity to present their case. 
  • Protective Orders Can Be Put in Place Against Household Members: To obtain a protective order, a person must generally be able to prove two separate things. First, they must establish that they were the victim of domestic abuse, threatened with domestic abuse, or otherwise reasonably fear for their safety. Additionally, they must assert that the person they are seeking an order against is an intimate partner, former intimate partner, co-parent, close family member, or other household members.  
  • Protective Orders Typically Bar Contact and Communications: In Southern Minnesota, any specific domestic violence restraining order can be customized to meet the unique circumstances of the case. That being said, a protective order will typically prohibit or restrict direct contact and direct attempts at communication. 
  • A Restraining Order is Not Criminal—But a Violation Can Be: With protective order cases, there is an intersection between family law and criminal law. A person accused of domestic violence may face a criminal charge. Though, they may also only have a civil protective order placed against them. By itself, a restraining order is not a criminal charge. That being said, it carries force of law. The violation of a restraining order is a criminal offense in Minnesota. It can lead to an immediate arrest.

We Handle the Full Range of Restraining Order Cases (Family Law and Criminal Law)

As a law firm devoted largely to handling issues of family law and criminal law, we are uniquely qualified to handle restraining order cases. Indeed, our Southern Minnesota restraining order lawyers provide well-rounded, solutions-focused legal representation. The health, safety, well-being, and legal rights of our clients always come first. Along with other types of restraining order cases, our Southern Minnesota attorneys have experience with: 

  • Obtaining a Restraining Order (Family Law): Were you the victim of domestic violence or were you subject to imminent threats of domestic violence? You have the right to seek a restraining order to protect yourself and your family. We can help. Most often, getting a protective order starts with obtaining an ex parte (temporary) order. From there, we can help you get a more permanent restraining order and take other action to protect your family law rights. If you have any questions about seeking a protective order in Southern Minnesota, please do not hesitate to contact us at our Mankato law office or our Rochester law office. 
  • Defending a Restraining Order (Family Law): Did another person file for a restraining order against you? Are they preparing to do so? If so, you have the right to defend your good name. The unfortunate reality is that some people file for bad faith protective orders—sometimes to hurt another person, other times to get an advantage in a family law case. No matter the specific circumstances that you are dealing with, our law firm is prepared to protect your rights and help you find the best way forward. To get help defending a restraining order in a civil hearing, please contact our Southern Minnesota law firm today.
  • Violation of a Restraining Order (Criminal Law): The violation of a protective order is a serious criminal offense in Minnesota. If you were accused of breaching a protective order, you need strong and experienced legal representation. Your freedom could be at stake. If you or your loved one was arrested and charged with violation of a protective order, contact our Southern Minnesota criminal defense attorney for immediate help. 

The Kohlmeyer Hagen, Law Office Helps Clients Navigate Restraining Orders in Minnesota

Restraining orders are complicated. At Kohlmeyer Hagen, Law Office Chtd., we have extensive experience providing both family law representation and criminal defense representation. With a comprehensive understanding of the protective order laws in Minnesota, we are more than ready to protect your rights and help you find the best solution. Among other things, our Southern Minnesota restraining order lawyer is prepared to: 

  • Hear your story and answer any questions that you have about restraining orders;
  • Gather all of the documents, records, and other evidence to navigate the process; 
  • Handle all of the legal paperwork and represent you in protective order hearings; and
  • Take whatever action is needed to best protect your rights and secure your future.  

Schedule a Confidential Consultation With Our Minnesota Restraining Order Attorney

At Kohlmeyer Hagen, Law Office Chtd., our Southern Minnesota criminal defense & family lawyers have the skills, experience, and legal knowledge to help people navigate the full range of restraining order cases. If you have any questions about a restraining order or a restraining violation, we are here as a legal resource. Call us now or contact us online to set up a fully confidential consultation. With law offices in Rochester and Mankato, we serve communities throughout Southern Minnesota.

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