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Juvenile Crimes

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Minnesota Criminal Defense Attorneys Keeping Your Child’s Record Clean

With juvenile crimes, parents have two main things to worry about: the initial penalty that their child will face if convicted and the long-term effects of a criminal charge on the child’s record. If you are a parent who has a minor child facing criminal charges, you need all the help you can get to minimize the damage of these charges on your child’s life.

At Kohlmeyer Hagen Law Office, we have seen many juvenile cases in our practice as former prosecutors and criminal defense lawyers. Our local Mankato juvenile crime attorneys can help protect your child from harsh immediate consequences as well as a long-term felony record.

Juvenile Criminal Areas

Juvenile crime is simply any kind of crime that is committed by a juvenile. We represent parents and children in juvenile court for many of the more serious juvenile crimes, including:

Underage Drinking and DWI/DUI: Alcohol-related crimes are common for older high school students as well as college students.

Drug Crimes: Possession and distribution of illegal substances are common juvenile drug crimes.

Sex Crimes: We handle cases involving “sexting” (sending sexual pictures via cell phone text messages) as well as sexual assault crimes committed by minors.

Internet Crimes: Most kids are more computer savvy than their parents, and sometimes this leads to criminal activity through the computer, including fraud, identity theft, computer sex crimes, and even threats and intimidation through the Internet.

Violent Crimes: We represent families of children accused of assault, homicide, and violent theft crimes.

Avoiding Juvenile Detention and Extended Juvenile Jurisdiction

Common penalties for serious crimes committed by minors in Minnesota are out-of-home placement in a juvenile detention center and Extended Juvenile Jurisdiction (EJJ), which extends the court’s jurisdiction past the child’s 18th birthday. We have the experience and skill to work with the prosecutor and the juvenile court system to help you avoid juvenile detention and EJJ, so your child can stay home with the family where he or she belongs.

Avoiding a Felony Record

The last thing you, as a parent, want is for your child to be stuck with a felony record for a mistake made in childhood. We will fight to keep the criminal charge out of adult court and to minimize the charges to get the most lenient sentence possible.

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The opportunity to talk with a lawyer about the juvenile court system and your rights and options can be a great relief. Call our Mankato juvenile criminal defense law firm office or e-mail us to schedule an initial consultation with one of our lawyers.


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