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Marijuana Charges

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Let Us Handle Your Southern Minnesota Marijuana Defense

Marijuana is a drug that has been a hot topic for years in Minnesota. There are many that advocate its legalization in Minnesota, but, until that happens, if it happens, marijuana remains an illegal drug in the state. This means that being found in possession of it, selling it or cultivating it can result in criminal charges that can have a lasting impact on your life.

Mankato Marijuana Defense Attorney

If you have been charged with a marijuana-related offense, it is your right to defend yourself against the charges with the help of a Mankato drug crimes lawyer who is very knowledgeable in Minnesota marijuana laws. These laws are very specific in regards to possession and sale of marijuana.

Facing Marijuana Drug Charges

Since possession, cultivation and sale are the three most common marijuana-related offenses, it is good to understand what they each mean.

In regard to possession, there are two different types: constructive and actual possession. Actual possession is just as it sounds, as a person has possession of the drug on their person. They may have it in their hand, in their pocket, or somewhere else on their being. Constructive possession is the opposite, as a person may not have it on their person, but they may have it in their car or in the room with them. While possession can be difficult to dispute in court, especially in cases of actual possession, constructive possession can sometimes be successfully challenged depending on the circumstances. The severity of the charge and the resulting consequences will depend on how much marijuana is in possession and how aggressive your defense is.

If the charge is in relation to the sale or cultivation, these are exactly as they sound. If you are caught selling marijuana, then you will be charged with selling it. If marijuana plants are found in your home or back yard, then you could be charged with cultivating it.

Challenging Marijuana Charges in Minnesota

Even if you think there is no hope in your case, you can successfully challenge the marijuana charges against you. Your southern Minnesota drug crimes lawyer will evaluate every element of your case in order to build a tactical defense for you. This defense is designed to ensure you obtain the best possible result in the case. Even if convicted, you do not have to receive the maximum penalties, which will allow you to move on past the matter sooner. Plus, a reduction in charges will have a lesser impact on your criminal record, which is ideal when conviction is unavoidable.

Contact A Mankato Marijuana Defense Attorney

While marijuana is advocated as a harmless drug, it is illegal in Minnesota. While strides have been taken to allow its medicinal use, recreational use is against the law and that means legal consequences can be had if found in possession of it or cultivating it. If you have been charged with a marijuana offense, you have the right to defend yourself.


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