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Attorney Jason Kohlmeyer

Jason Kohlmeyer


Jason Kohlmeyer became an attorney in 2000 and has focused his practice in the area of family law. He assists with matters related to divorce also referred to as dissolution, spousal support, child custody, farm divorce and more.

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Tom Hagen Attorney

thomas hagen


Thomas Hagen is an established criminal defense attorney in southern Minnesota. He has helped clients with cases relating to DWI/DUI, Drug Charges, Sex Crimes, Theft, Assault and more.

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Steven Groschen attorney

Steven Groschen


Steven Groschen has been with the firm since the fall of 2017 working on criminal, family and civil matters. He has worked for state and federal public defenders’ offices as well as the Minnesota Court of Appeals.

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Terrance Zawacki attorney

Terrance Zawacki


Terrance Zawacki works on family, civil and criminal matters. He has a broad legal background, having worked in the Minnesota Court of Appeals and the Ramsey County District Court.

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Family Law Attorney in Mankato

Experience and Compassion

Kohlmeyer  Hagen, Law Office Chtd. not only has the experience to solve your legal problems, we do so with the compassion and understanding you deserve. If you need a  DWI Defense Attorney, Criminal Defense Attorney, or Family Law Attorney, Kohlmeyer Hagen Law Office is here for you. Our attorneys have a background that helps them understand the challenges you will face, no matter what your case may be.

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With decades of combined experience, the firm can truly say they have “seen it all”, from million dollar verdicts, to murder and sexual assault cases and divorces with assets in the millions, the Kohlmeyer Hagen,  Law firm will be able to handle any criminal, family and case.


Handling cases throughout Southern Minnesota, from Worthington to Albert Lea and Marshall to Mankato, our teams knows the prosecutors, judges and court administrators in nearly all of the Southern Minnesota courts. While, we don’t expect special treatment as local attorneys, the familiarity we share with other attorneys and judges simply helps when we are advocating for our clients


Our Mankato attorney team provides exceptional representation based on our commitment to solve legal problems for our clients. Whether you are dealing with family law, criminal defense, personal injury or workers’ compensation issues, we can help. Our Southern Minnesota lawyers are: experienced, esteemed, and local.