Assault Charge in Southern Minnesota

Common Assault Scenarios

Although every case is a little different, there are a few scenarios in which assault situations commonly arise:

Alcohol-Related Assault Most people are aware and self-controlled enough when sober to avoid physical confrontations. Most of us, however, become much more courageous and much less aware after consuming too much alcohol or other drugs. This is why assault charges frequently arise in bars and parties, and alcohol is involved in most assault crimes.

College |  We help students — and their parents — who have been charged with assault charges. Common scenarios for college assault crimes include fifth-degree misdemeanor, domestic, fights at house parties, sporting events, date rape and other related sexual assault charges.

Domestic Assault Family law and criminal law converge on domestic violence charges. Husbands and wives frequently get into arguments that escalate into physical violence, especially when alcohol or drugs are involved.  Minnesota handles domestic violence claims very seriously and you will absolutely want to know your rights and your options if you or a loved one are charged with domestic assault.

Regardless of the situation in which your assault charge occurred, we can help you.

Southern Minnesota Domestic Assault Defense Lawyers

A conviction for domestic assault or even a 5th Degree assault in Minnesota can result in harsh consequences. Aside from fines and possible jail time, ruined reputation and a lifetime ban on possession of firearms; a conviction can end not only a hunting hobby but also make it very difficult to get employment in the future.

Southern Minnesota 5th Degree Assault Defense Attorneys

If you are facing assault crime charges, you can talk with one of our experienced Minnesota criminal defense lawyers, free of charge, to learn about your rights and obligations. For many people accused of in Minnesota — especially those who are facing criminal charges for the first time — just talking with one of our attorneys and learning about the criminal justice process can be a great way to calm anxiety and make smart decisions going forward. Call our Mankato criminal defense law firm office or e-mail us to schedule your free initial consultation.

Intelligent Criminal Defense

We have more than 40 combined years of experience as prosecutors and criminal defense lawyers, which includes thousands of criminal law cases we have handled. The attorneys at Kohlmeyer Hagen Law understand these cases and what needs to be done immediately to get the best possible outcome in your assault charge defense. We are intelligent at trial planning and strategy, savvy negotiators and skillful advocates in the courtroom and if you are charged with a crime we will work tirelessly to defend you.

We can be extremely aggressive if we have to, and we have taken that route enough times, but our number one objective is solving problems for our clients.

Assault is a serious criminal charge that carries life changing penalties. At Kohlmeyer Hagen Law Office, we solve problems.

Meet Your Criminal Defense Lawyers

Our Mankato attorney team provides exceptional representation based on our commitment to solve legal problems for our clients.  With more than 30 combined years of experience we have the experience to handle all your criminal defense law needs.

The Kohlmeyer Hagen Law Office Chtd. has received many accolades indicative of their talent and commitment to high quality legal representation. Several of our attorneys speak nationally and internationally.

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