Have you been hurt on the job in Southern Minnesota? You are probably experiencing a great deal of anxiety. You are hurt and unable to work, no one is paying your medical bills and you can’t get treatment.

Workers’ compensation in Minnesota is meant to compensate people like you for work-related injuries, but the process is very complicated and challenging for most. Your employer will probably be pressuring you to continue to work, the “company doctor” might be under-diagnosing your symptoms and you probably just have no idea what to expect.

The attorneys at the Kohlmeyer Hagen Law Office can provide you with the help you need to navigate the complicated process associated with workers’ compensation.

The Minnesota Workers Compensation Process

In most cases, the workers’ compensation process looks something like this:

CONSULTATION: First, you can come into our office for an initial consultation. We will examine your case and make a strategy for how to proceed.

FILE A PETITION: We will help you file a petition for workers’ compensation. The results here depend on whether the petition is admitted or denied.

IF DENIED — COMPLAINT PETITION: If your claim is denied, we will file a petition, much like a civil suit, in which we fight the denial.

IF ADMITTED — FURTHER COMPLICATIONS: Often the insurance company will “admit” the injury, but claim that it had nothing to do with work — calling it was a preexisting injury, for example — and thus deny your claim.

APPEALWe will take your case as far as necessary to get you the money you need to recover from your injuries.

Upon receipt of your petition, the insurance company will send you for an “independent” medical assessment. The problem with this assessment, of course, is that the doctor works for the company, which means the doctor is anything but “independent.” You can expect the doctor to say either you are not as injured as you say you are, or that the injury was not work-related. We will fight these assessments and do everything possible to get you the financial compensation you need.

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