Assault Charge
Driver’s License Revocation Defense/CDL Protection
Drug Crimes
Federal White Collar Crimes
Field Sobriety Tests/Police Mistakes
Internet Crimes
Juvenile Crimes
Sex Crimes


Denial of Primary Liability
Medical Disputes
Permanent Partial Disability
Repetitive use Trauma
The Workers’ Compensation Process
Vocational Rehabilitation/Retraining
Wage Loss Benefits
Workers’ Compensation Appeals
Work-Related Back Injury

We Solve Problems

Not many people need to look for a lawyer when everything is going well. People look for an attorney, it is because they have a legal problem.  That’s why we mean it when we say our motto is “We Solve Problems.”

If you have a legal problem and need an attorney, you have come to the right place: It is what we have been doing successfully with decades of experience, and it’s what we are the best at.  At  Kohlmeyer Hagen, Law Office, our primary concern is to help people with their Mankato criminal, family law and injury problems.

Our office is located in the St. Andrews Building Park behind Degrood’s and Floor to Ceiling — Office hours are 8 am to 5 pm.

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