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Penalty Options For First Time DWI Offenders

Prosecutors and judges in Minnesota have the right to enforce very harsh DWI penalties for first time offenses as a way to deter future violations. The severity of the penalties can appear overwhelming to offenders, especially when jail time and fines are involved. Fortunately, offenders who are willing to show remorse may receive leniency in...

Top 5 Things NOT To Do When On Trial

On trial? Don’t do these 5 things! If you’re charged with a crime, there are certain things you just don’t want to be doing in court.  And the recent news story about Chad Johnson proves that these things aren’t necessarily obvious! 5.  We’ll start with the Chad Johnson incident.  The former NFL receiver unfortunately didn’t have the benefit of this blog post at the time of his trial.  After being charged with probation violations, he had formed a tentative plea agreement with prosecutors, which would have allowed Johnson to avoid jail time. All that was left was for the judge ...