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Conditional Bail vs. Unconditional Bail in MN

After an arrest occurs the arrestee is thrown through the maze of the Minnesota penal system. This can prove quite difficult to navigate on your own, particularly since most people do not investigate the process before getting arrested. After being read your Miranda warnings you aren’t usually given much further instruction. Unfortunately the warnings cover …

Bail vs. Bond

When a person is arrested or charged with a crime a court date will be set.  At the first court date a judge will set conditions of release and bail in two amounts.  The higher amount will allow an individual to be released without conditions that need to be followed to be released.  The second lower number will allow release but only if the defendant agrees to follow conditions of the court. For example John Smith is arrested for 3rd degree DWI.  At the first hearing the judge agrees to release Mr. Smith without conditions if he can post $12,000.00 or ...