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Workers Compensation in Minnesota: What Kind of Benefits Am I Entitled To?

When you are injured at work in Minnesota, you can make a workers’ compensation claim to obtain benefits from your employer. Workers’ compensation claims are your only way to take action against your employer since you cannot sue an employer for a work injury. However, almost every single person who sustains any kind of work-related injury, including repetitive stress injuries, should be entitled to workers’ compensation benefits.

Workers’ compensation benefits are intended to ensure you are taken care of after a work injury.  This means that you receive broad benefits to cover your necessary costs and expenses and to support your family. While you won’t receive compensation for things like pain and suffering, as you would in a personal injury claim, the benefits you receive through workers compensation in Minnesota are still very significant.

Types of Workers’ Compensation Benefits

Some of the different types of benefits that you can receive through workers’ compensation include:

  • Coverage of your medical bills and costs. All of your medical bills and costs must be covered 100 percent in full. You should not have to pay for any co-pays for treatment for your work injuries. Coverage should include all treatments you need, including surgery, physical therapy, medication and adaptive medical devices. If you require transportation to your treatment, your benefits should cover this as well.
  • Lost wages. If your work injury results in you missing work as you try to recover, you should be entitled to receive a portion of the wages that you lose as a result.
  • Temporary or permanent disability benefits. If you are disabled on a temporary or permanent basis, workers’ compensation should ensure that you receive monthly disability income to provide for yourself and your family.  You can receive not just total disability benefits if you are unable to work at all but also partial disability benefits if your work injury limits your ability to work and you earn less money as a result.

Workers’ compensation will also pay death benefits for work-related fatalities that occur. Close family members and dependents can apply for and receive death benefits that include funeral expenses and income.

To obtain these work injury benefits, you should simply be able to report your injury to your employer after you have sustained a work injury. After providing proper written notification and making a workers’ comp claim, you should begin receiving your benefits. If your claim is denied or if your employer or employer’s workers’ compensation insurer tries to deny you benefits you deserve or force you to go back to work before you are ready to do so, then you should consult with an experienced workers’ compensation attorney right away to get help in getting the benefits that you deserve.

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