Brendan Fraser Broke Due To Alimony?

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Brendan Fraser Broke? It looks like it just might be that America’s favorite frozen caveman, Brendan Fraser, might very well be broke do to his family law situation. According to reports (and yes I’ll be the first to admit that does not have the same journalistic chops as NY Times) Mr. Fraser is trying to reduce his alimony and child support payment. Apparently he is paying over $900,000 to his ex-wife and his three sons. It’s was a ten year marriage (from 1998-2008) and if you recall, Mr. Fraser was a darling of Hollywood in the early 2000′s e …

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Workers’ Compensation Benefits and Bankruptcy

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What happens to your Minnesota workers’ compensation benefits when you file for bankruptcy? ; Considering filing for bankruptcy but worried that you might lose your workers’ compensation benefits by doing so? Under both federal law and Minnesota law, these benefits are generally exempt from claims by creditors, and Minnesota law in particular has this situation well-covered. State law specifically provides that workers’ compensation claims are exempt from seizure or sale for the payment of any debts or liabilities. What that means as far as bankruptcy is that your workers’ compensation benefits can generally be “reclaimed” from your bankruptcy estate and …

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