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How Much Will My Divorce Cost in Minnesota?

Worried about Divorce cost and how it will affect your finances? Once you have reached the conclusion that your marriage is beyond repair you will undoubtedly have many thoughts spring into your mind. As a divorcing parent, concerns over your children’s well being will likely be in the forefront. As a divorcing homeowner, anxieties over moving or purchasing a new home will surely develop. As a divorcing human being, worries about whom to talk to and how to best break the news will surely manifest. Somewhere in between these tiny spurts of anxiousness a question of price will wander into your mind; how much is this going to cost me? There are a few basic price tags in Minnesota that will be useful to understand prior to beginning the dissolution of your marriage.

Filing Fees

In Minnesota, as in just about every state in the country, there is a fee to file a document with the court. In our state both parties are responsible for payment when it comes to divorce fees. Although the fees to file for divorce can vary from county to county, the average cost is $400. If you have very low wages or can demonstrate to a judge that you cannot afford this fee, the judge may waive the fee altogether. This is known as “in forma pauperis.”

Attorney’s Fees

In general, a simple divorce can start at about $1,500. Most Mankato divorce attorneys will handle a divorce at an hourly rate. The price of a divorce will vary based on the complexity of the divorce. The issues in dispute between the spouses may also complicate the divorce. For example, if there are children involved and both parties agree on custody issues, the divorce is far less complex than a couple who cannot agree on this issue. Remember, when it comes to divorce there is no right to an attorney like there is when a criminal matter is at hand.

Divorcing on a Budget

Unfortunately, there is no exact price tag when it comes to divorce. The best that any attorney can do is to explain every aspect of pricing in a retainer agreement, which is the contract you sign when you hire an attorney. Keep in mind that civility and decorum will assist you if you are attempting to keep your costs low. Although you will want an attorney to ensure that every asset is accounted for and that your future is secured, the more you are able to compromise with your spouse the better off you will both be. When spouses let emotions get the best of them there are sure to be more unnecessary spats.

We understand the frustration you will undoubtedly experience and we know how to keep it to a minimum. If you have questions about seeking a divorce in Minnesota, are worried about the cost, or simply want to know what to do next, contact our team today for an initial consultation.