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Woman + Python = Car Crash

What do you get when you wrap a twenty-two year old woman’s neck with a python?  A really bad case of firehouse property destruction.  Weird cases happen more often than you might think, and the case of Sara Espinosa, the woman who is alleged to have stolen a snake, and crashed into a firehouse while intoxicated, is no exception.

Further investigation has revealed that Espinosa was found to have been in possession of marijuana, and under the influence of alcohol when her Toyota Prius crossed the median, struck a Nissan Maxima, and plowed into the nearby fire station.  The resulting chaos has left the firehouse front and one of the firetrucks damaged, and leaving another one out of commission for the time being.

Surprisingly, despite the size of the accident, no one was killed or severely injured, though Espinosa was treated for minor injuries and released from a local hospital.  The snake was apparently unharmed, and was later returned to the nearby PETCO that it was taken from.

When Fire Chief Steven Waldron was asked if this was one of the weirder things he had seen in his career he had one thing to say:

“This is definitely in the top five.”

Espinosa has been charged with reckless endangerment, petit larceny, reckless driving, driving while intoxicated and unlawful possession of marijuana, something she will hopefully remember the next time she decides to take a drink.

In the meantime, we are very curious to see what her defense looks like, if there is a defense to be had at all.  Until then however, we are going to stay very far away from snakes for awhile.

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