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Underage DWI

Underage DWI – Mankato DWI Lawyer & Attorney

Underage DWI | If a driver is under the age of 21 and they are under the influence of drugs or alcohol, then there is a possible misdemeanor penalty. The punishment can include driver’s license suspension and fines. The state of Minnesota does not tolerate any underage drinking or drug use. In fact, a minor is to not have a single drop of alcohol in their system. The presence of alcohol constitutes an automatic DWI, but this does not always mean that a minor was drinking.

Just being charged with a crime doesn’t mean your guilty.  There are some times when minors can be falsely accused of drinking and driving in Minnesota. There really are such things as false positivies, often cough medicine, which contains alcohol, can trigger a false test. As you can see it’s improtant to find a good defense lawyer.  A good Minnesota DWI attorney can find facts in the case that can help you. Even if  you are “guilty”  a good DWI attorney will use their skill to minimize the fine, jail and other long term consequences.

Vaneess’s Law & The Underage Driver

In Minnesota, there is a law called “Vanessa’s Law” and it is named after Vanessa Weiss who was killed in 2004 in a drunk driving accident. She was the passenger in a vehicle driven by a 15-year-old driver, which meant this child was unlicensed.

Vanessa’s Law is designed for those under the age of 18 who may be driving under the influence of alcohol or drugs. It outlines the penalties that are paid and how they are paid. The following are the penalties under Vanessa’s Law:

  • Cannot obtain a driver’s license until the age of 18.
  • Must pay reinstatement fee of at least  $680 in order to have the drivers license reinstated
  • Pass the DWI drivers’ examination
  • Complete a classroom drivers’ ed class.
  • Hold a permit for at least 3 months prior to taking the full test
  • The judge may impose additional penalties depending on how serious the case is.

The purpose of Vanessa’s Law is to discourage teenage drivers from driving while under the influence of alcohol or drugs. Because Minnesota is zero-tolerance state we have a “Not a Drop Law” law which indicates  that any driver under 21 must not drive.

Underage DWI Penalties

Minnesota’s DWI laws apply to all drivers regardless of their age. In order for a person to be charged with DWI, an individual has to have alcohol or drugs in their bloodstream. For those under 21, they are to not be driving with any alcohol or drugs. To fight the charges, it is ideal to employ the assistance of an experienced Minnesota DWI attorney who has a track record of success in underage DWI cases.

Contact A Mankato Minnesota  DWI Lawyer

If you have child who has been charged or arrested for underage DWI or underage Drinking & Driving, you need to at least talk to a DWI lawyer.   If you hire one or not it is usually a cost benefit analaysis e some underage DWI charges have merit, others do not, but it is important to understand what the possible criminal defenses are.