Sex Sells but the Crime Doesn’t Pay

As the old adage informs there is certainly an industry for sexuality. In Mankato it would appear that the industry is

thriving based on recent police crackdowns. Public outrage about prostitution dates back to the days of yore but prostitution wasn’t regulated much until The Mann Act of 1910. Even with the United States Congress’ involvement the law was primarily designed with an eye towards ending human trafficking.

Fast forward more than a century later to present-day Minnesota to see that the federal involvement didn’t do much in the way of ending “the oldest profession.” Mankato prostitution lawyers have noted that police forces across the state have made prostitution rings a priority lately in attempting to clean up the streets.


Throughout the state of Minnesota law enforcement is active in putting an end to the prostitution industry. This past July marks the third prostitution sting in our area led by Mankato Police Department. The operation took place at a hotel in Mankato and was orchestrated by the Mankato Department of Public Safety, Blue Earth, Nicollet, and Brown County Sheriff’s Departments. Commander Dan Schisel of Mankato DPS stated, “I think it’s pretty obvious that we are making an impact and a difference.” The sting resulted in six arrests for solicitation of prostitution with one defendant earning an additional charge for resisting arrest.


There exists a vast range among states when it comes to the severity of penalties for prostitution. In Nevada for example, a majority of counties endorse legalized prostitution completely removing the involvement in the industry from the realm of criminal justice. Here in Minnesota the laws are not so supportive.

For a prostitute the first offense translates into a maximum of ninety days in jail and/or a $1,000 fine; the penalties get steeper with each subsequent offense. A customer of a prostitute, one who would be charged with solicitation, would face the same consequences. Aggravating factors, such as the age of the prostitute or defendant’s criminal history, may lead to harsher consequences.


In Minneapolis law enforcement seems to have shot its own nose in spite of its face. Several cases have recently been dismissed as the evidence has shown that undercover agents engaged in sexual activity during their investigations. This evidence also led to the police department suspending any further sting operations in Minneapolis for the time being.


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